Feb, 2015

Annual International Summit/Honours scheduled for Portcullis House

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African Achievers Awards Annual International Summit/Honors, will be hosted by Rt. Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman Member of Parliament for Manchester, Gorton, United Kingdom.

Africa is a wealthy continent, which offers many opportunities for profitable investment in a range of sectors from Telecom, Real Estate, finance, Oil & Gas, Sports, entertainment, education to agriculture.

Because of the vast investment opportunities in Africa in these range of sectors Africans must begin to position it self for prosperity by strategically showcasing these opportunities to the international communities. Given that most Africans remain dependent on farming for their livelihoods, other sectors such as Sports, Real Estate, Entertainment, Telecom, Financial institutions and Education are also high employers of labours and promises more unprecedented opportunities if properly harnessed. Many, including multinational organizations, governments and individuals have invested and benefited vastly from Africa’s wealth. However, investments in Africa have not met Global standard to significantly improve life for the majority of Africans.

On the 13th March 2015 at the United Kingdom,Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament: African Achievers Awards Annual International Summit will bring together One Hundred notable and respected Africans with impeccable character to discuss this all important subject.

This summit will focus on proffering ideas on the next growth sectors of the African economy with a view to identify sectors that can immediately improve on the living standards of the average African family and to attract responsible investment, underpinned by principles of transparency and accountability so the Continent can achieve the trans-formative growth it needs to have the greatest impact that will allow millions of Africans to achieve their potential.
Among the high point of the summit will be the Achievers Honors where African’s making a difference will be referenced and celebrated while their stories are marked as global template to challenge mediocrity and inspire excellence.