Nov, 2014

Sabine Blave appointed Advisory Board Member

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Achievers Media, the Producers of African Achievers Awards has appointed Sabine Balve to the Advisory Board of the Awards, making her the first white highflier on the Board.

Sabine Balve is the Founder and President of World Leaders Forum Dubai (WLFDubai) – an independent international Community of more than 100,000 committed to providing sustainable humanitarian future for all inhabitants of the World.

In Africa, Sabine Balve’s WLFDubai has promoted successful humanitarian Projects in 5 African Countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda.

Said Rex Idaminabo, Principal Partner African Achievers Awards, “Sabine Balve’s appointment demonstrates how much importance we place on persons and organizations that have contributed remarkably to the development of Africa.

“She is here to provide complimentary hands-on guidance from her treasure of genuine experience, and we are really truly glad we have an Achiever in the person of Sabine Blave as the latest inclusion to our carefully structured Advisory Board.