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Profile of Brave Hearts contributing to Africa's Development

Tokunbo Alaga Olorundami

Tokunbo Alaga Olorundami is a Goespatial Analyst by training. He holds a Diploma in Cartography, a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Regional Planning, a Masters Degree in Geographic Information Science from the University Of Nottingham. He is currently undertaking a course on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the SaïdBusiness School, University of Oxford, UK.

Tokunbo is very keen on globalisation and the adaptation of young people from different cultures to the changes in and around their known worlds. Tokunbo has a distinction in working with young people around the globe. He has spent a lot of time traveling and interpolating the ideas and experiences of young people from different cultures in a bid to prepare leaders for the next generation’s challenges. He is an erudite team player with a passion for real and lasting progress in the global community and is being the change he wants to see through his blog: “” where he samples and shares opinion on global issues with insightful articles. He believes the future is Africa and the preparation starts now.

His work experience spans through government and private organisations in Africa and the United Kingdom. National Slave History Museum, Lewisham Council, London, Samsung, and Sharp just to mention a few, he is an active volunteer for several organisations like the National Selfharm Network Uk, and the United Nations Special Forces. He was an active/influential member of the Student Union council whilst at the University of Nottingham where he was also the pioneering President of the Nigerian Student Society. He is senior consultant with Shawn and Schenwen Ltd, an environmental consulting firm.