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Prof. Julien Ciakudia Sr.

Prof. Julien Ciakudia Sr., is the  National President of UPR and Chief of DR Congo government in Exile.

The Reverend Professor Julien K. C. Ciakudia (JKCC) is an Anglican pastor, specialist of theology and sociology trained at University of Montreal, Canada. First black pastor of the Norwegian State church in charge of refugees and immigrants, international lobbyist and chairman of Freedom Flag Foundation (FFF), an international NGO founded in Oslo, Norway (1998) to promote human rights, democracy, good governance for Sustainable development in Africa.

Prof Ciakudia has been supportive to the liberation struggles of many countries as those of Haitian people which give political power to President Jean Bertrand Aristide, those of the Liberation of Palestine of Yasser Arafat, and of ANC of Nelson Mandela to end Apartheid in South Africa.In the beginning of event of the Nelson Mandela in 1994, by the invitation of his black South African comrades, he has been seen taking an active role to the political consultations with the Parliamentary Committee on foreign Affairs in Cape Town, having strategic discussions with the late Foreign minister Alfred N’Zo, the newly installed authorities of ANC and the presidency of the first black government of the post-apartheid South Africa.

Because of his historic strong link with the South Africa since the struggle and international boycott to end apartheid with the Norwegian and South African organisations from Oslo, The Reverend Ciakudia has been associated by the new South African authority from 1994 to today, to the preparation of historic events in the evolution of his country, the Congo. With its high culmination : The personal engagement of president Mandela in Congo-Zaire mediation and his role in the talk Mobutu – Kabila on Outeniqua, the fall of long life dictator president Mobutu and the event of M’zee Laurent Desire Kabila in 1997.

Considering the tragic situation of the genocide and occupation of DRC by the neibouring countries since 1998 , Prof. Ciakudia has established from London, UK a worldwide Congolese patriotic resistant movement (UPR) to lobby the UK and USA authorities and the entire international community for the end of DR Congo crisis and for the immediate establishment of the International Tribunal for Congo as it was for Rwanda and Sierra Leone.

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Prof. Julien Ciakudia Sr
24 February, 2012