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OB Sinachy

OB Sinachy, is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and empowerment coach with a strong passion for enabling people and businesses globally to discover and attain the essence of their existence. He is the President and founder of Kingdom Achievers International, an organization with a vision of creating a world of successful and fulfilled people. With over 2,000 members worldwide, Kingdom Achievers International is in the business of building leaders and entrepreneurs, creating visibility platforms and networking opportunities for leaders and entrepreneurs.

He is also the Managing Director of Kingdom Consults, a subsidiary of Kingdom Achievers International, an Associate member of the Association of Business Executives {ABE} UK with an Advanced Diploma in human resource management from the Association of Business Executives in the United Kingdom. He’s an Alumnus of the University of Calabar {dept. of Geography and Regional Planning}, a Master Project Manager and an Evangelist.

Over the years, he has garnered a couple of awards including the most recent 2014 NANS-ZUC Award for the male motivational speaker of the year. OB Sinachy is a down-to-earth truly inspiring and motivating figure. You never meet him and live without a mind-blowing world-changing word. He has spoken in several international conferences and is host to the renowned EAGLES SUMMIT AFRICA, an annual conference geared towards enabling Africans discover and rise to a state of true significance.

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OB Sinachy
10 November, 2014