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Lawretta O. Ezenyimulu

Lawretta O. Ezenyimulu obtained two degrees in Economics and Masters in Human Resource Management in University of Wales.

She has experience in Business development, Management and Consulting without forgetting my exclusive talents as a writer with different published books e.g. Stealth of Confidence, Employee as an Asset e.t.c. A chief editor of a leading global Magazine called JASMINE AFRICA, a great writer for different substantial magazines, newspapers and conference planning event of different companies and organizations in the United Kingdom.

She has worked with different companies as a Potential Marketer, Consultant and as Human Resource Consultant, mention but few companies like Global Business Associate in Canary Wharf, Oxford and Cambridge Club e.t.c.

Contributing and attending high profile conference Nationwide has created impact to those who Lawretta has made contributions in their events. Conferences attended like Movement for Change (David Millaband; the aspiring Prime Minister of United Kingdom), Preparing better Leaders (Pace working) e.t.c. Great awards for dream chaser; received so many awards in honour as most creative 2008, outstanding lady of the year 2008 e.t.c.

However, Lawretta is currently a General consultant and Adviser to contract companies on weekly bases.

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Lawretta O. Ezenyimulu
10 November, 2014