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Gerald Langiri

Gerald Langiri is an actor and casting director from Nairobi, Kenya. His passion for acting goes as far back as he can remember when he would perform skits, solo verses and took part in choral verses, public speaking and any art related projects in his early school years where art and craft was his favorite subject.

Upon completion of his high school studies, he wanted to pursue acting as a career but like many talented Kenyans with similar passions, he did not know where to start. He therefore opted to pursue a Bachelors degree in Computing and Internet Systems from the University of Huddersfield and has worked in the Information Technology Sector where he as employed as an IT Billing Manager in a telecommunications company.

His passion for acting however never left him and his 1st commercial acting breakthrough came at the age of 26years where took on the role of a lawyer in a series titled “Mashtaka”. That opened doors for him when he was also taken up as a lawyer in the Soap Opera “Mali”.

While working on Mali, Gerald made a bold move of quitting his day job to pursue acting as a fulltime career. He did not look back and coupled with his acting talent and IT skills; he founded (nominated best topical blog at the bloggers awards 2013) which is a website that centers on Kenyan actors and the acting industry at large giving news and information about the industry while exposing Kenyans acting industry to the world. That also established him as a Casting Director and he has cast for several movies Like VEVE(Also plays Superintendent Steven), House of Lungula(also plays Harrison), Going Bongo and several series, short films and adverts.

He is the secretary of the Kenya Oscars Committee and a Member of the Kenya Film and Television Professional Association. He was nominated in the category of “Best Film Journalist” in the African Film Development Awards 2013. He is also known to champion for actors rights and along with other actors, they are trying to form the Kenya Actor Guild which will go along way to streamline the acting industry in Kenya.

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Gerald Langiri
10 November, 2014