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Egberamen Doris

Egberamen Doris is the founder and president of PUSH AFRICA an NGO integrating Africans across borders. Her vision is to unite and integrate African youths across borders and to reduce or eliminate all forms of stereotypes and discrimination amongst the African people.

For this cause, Doris works so hard to get young African students to study in African countries other than their home countries, rendering advice, counseling and guidance and securing admission placements into prestigious and reputable universities and colleges across Africa, she also secures internship placements for hundreds of students from all over the continent as well as organize cultural exchange programs that goes a long way to affect the lives of young people all over the world. She hopes to connect the world to Africa to see the great opportunities, talents and resources we possess here and to also present to the world all the great tourism richness and experiences that abounds in Africa.

She holds a diploma in Banking and Finance. and she is currently studying Development Communication at the African University College of Communication, Ghana. At her university, she is currently the president, International students Association and has representative in so many conferences and platforms across the continent e.g she was selected as a delegate to attend the first and second model Africa summit, she has accepted a couple of media invitations to talk on radio and TV platforms about pertinent issues that concerns Africans.

Doris is passionately involved in projects that seek to foster African integration especially as it concern young people from all parts of Africa. She achieves these through educational and tourism programs as she believes this will broaden horizons and make young people think outside the box, think like Africans rather than as tribesmen.

She has spent a lot of time traveling and interpolating ideas and experiences of young people from different cultures especially around the West African regions in a bid to foster peaceful co-existence and eliminate all forms of discriminate and stereotypes amongst the African people. PUSH AFRICA partners and works with many institutions and educational organizations to foster youth development and capacity building.