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Akakabota Mudiaga Derick

Award winning strategist, Akakabota Mudiaga Derick, is an insightful proactive analyst and petroleum economist who believe in honesty, integrity and diligence. Derick is committed to achieving his goals and objectives and has been following his dreams as the President Newaves Innovations since 2007.

He represents the youths with special focus on empowerment through education and moderates on the topic “MENTORSHIP, THE PANACEA FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT”. As a strategist, Derick has been involved in several projects and social programmes aimed towards the transformation of corporate institutions, public sector and promotion of growth and development of Nigeria with local and international experience spanning over 10years. Derick holds a masters degree in Energy & Petroleum Economics.

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Akakabota Mudiaga Derick
10 November, 2014